Jane Masons Creations - Film


Jane first began making dance for the screen because she wanted to find ways to respond to the themes of parallel realities that kept coming up in her work. She wanted to juxtapose narratives, use abstraction, explore the body’s movements in detail and within different contexts and find a language where qualities of movement in relationship to time and space could exist in particular ways. She also wanted to make work that could reach more people than she felt able to as an individual artist with her stage works and to try and transport them emotionally.


Choreographed and directed by Jane Mason.
Filmed and edited by Tony Walker.
Commissioned by Dance in Devon for ARTS WAVE Devon.

Rest your head

The Pleasure of Gliding (2010)

Created in collaboration with Becky Edmunds.
Music by Jules Maxwell
Commissioned by Pavilion Dance.

The Pleasure of Gliding

Hard Told (2006)

Choreographed, Directed and Edited by Jane Mason.
Director of Photography John Crooks.
Performers Amanda Lawrence and Alan Johnson.
Music by Jules Maxwell
Commissioned by South East Dance.

Hard Told

To Go To (2004)

Created in collaboration with Nick Mead.
Performers Dominic Coleman and Jane Mason.
Music by Jules Maxwell.
Written by Matthew Dunster.

A BBC4/Arts Council Project.

To Go To

ANDOUT (2003)

Created in collaboration with Duncan Sim.
Performers Amanda Lawrence, Jane Mason and Simon Sim.
Music by Jules Maxwell.
Designed by Anna Fleischle.
Shot on location in Cornwall and underwater in Gran Cayman.
Supported by Arts Council England, Dance City and Creative Skills Consortium, Cornwall.