Reviews about Jane Mason's Performances


Head teacher and producer feedback
'Here with You'

Cullompton Community College, 21st October 2015

“The DAISI Dance project, commissioned by the Culm Co-operative Learning Partnership and led by dance artist, Jane Mason, was an oasis of creativity for pupils for whom literacy, numeracy, tests and outcomes form a large part of their daily diet. Watching young people of primary and secondary age, learn and bond together through the hitherto unknown experience of contemporary dance was both moving and uplifting in so many ways. Pupils learnt a lot, how to be organised, timely, work as a team, be part of an audience, to watch, listen and respect the feelings of others and understand how the chaos of feelings can be expressed safely and beautifully through freedom and control. This was so much more than a dance project, it was an opportunity for individuals to find creative strengths together which will have a long lasting impact on their sense of themselves, self esteem and ultimately on their overall achievement. It was well worth the investment of time and planning.”
Julie Phelan, Head Teacher
Cullompton Community College
"I was fortunate enough to be able to find time in my day to pop up to the village hall to see the last 15 minutes or so of the class’s morning’s work on their rehearsal day. What I saw really excited me and took my breath away. I could see the results of a lot of hard work and creativity, and some superb co-operative and supportive work. The quality of movement, the team work, the way the children watched, moved and co-ordinated with each other, even at this early stage, was breath taking and brought a genuine tear to my eye. I was truly very moved by it. My next chance was on ‘The Big Day’ when I saw the results of all the hard work that had gone into it across the 5 schools. I was lucky enough to bring along the whole school, as well as Governors and parents to be part of the audience, and every child I spoke to was delighted with what they saw, many saying they hoped they might get a chance to do it someday. The piece as a whole was marvellous, and while it seems unfair to say it, some elements stood out as immensely touching and powerful, even amongst a hugely moving performance overall. The whole piece summed up for me what it means to be a part of our Co-operative Trust - a very worthwhile and exciting project that enabled every performer to achieve and to star individually, while developing great skills in co-operation. My sincere thanks to all of them and to all involved in creating such a special piece of dance."
Dan Thorogood, Head Teacher
Clyst Hydon Primary School
Just a quick note to say that Jane's sharing event took place yesterday with the Clyst Hydon cluster of schools, at Cullompton Community College. A superb event, with the schools performing together and a lovely audience of families spanning from the elderly to the very young, plus a couple of members of staff also dancing with the children. Thank you Jane for your ever careful and insightful work. I think a lot of people went home yesterday with a new view of what dance is and can be.
Liz Hill – Director of Daisi


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